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Meet the Staff of Everest Motors Inc.

Brad Esmaeili - Sales manager

281-216-7546 - Trucksales2@everestmotorsinc.com



My name is Brad and I am in charge of sales  department at Everest Motors. I moved to Houston on March 2017 after earning my MBA from National university in San Diego and joined Everest Motors at that time. Prior to that I was working as an industrial engineer in automobile manufacture industry. The most joyful part of my job is being able to put a genuine smile on every customer's face after finding the perfect vehicle for them. 

Thank you for reading about me, I look forward to meeting you on your next visit to our store. 

Shervin Azizeddin - Finance Manager

832-329-5277 - Finance@everestmotorsinc.com

Nima Nikouei - Store Buyer

281-827-8636 - Sales@everestmotorsinc.com


I started my carrier at the age of 18 when I joined US Motor Cars back in 1998. I worked alongside some of the best and most experienced people in the car industry. I grew to have special interest in buying and selling Heavy-Medium Duty Diesel Trucks. I joined DN Motor Cars and later Everest Motors, Inc where I felt I will be most productive. I consider myself super picky when it comes to shop for inventory. I enjoy having access to the most up to date tools and data available in the business. I am very familiar with the entire inventory here at Everest Motors and so if you have any technical questions don't be afraid to contact me directly.

Mansoor Arian - Store Administrator

281-888-2872 - Office@everestmotorsinc.com


My name is Mansoor and I am in charge of overlooking Everest Motor’s entire transactions. I make sure that our customers experience a very smooth and hassle free transaction. I joined Everest Motors family back in 2015. I am very passionate about my job and do the very best I can to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Alex Foroughi - Marketing Team Member

832-867-3143 - Advertising@everestmotorsinc.com

Sean Fanaeeyan - Make Ready Team Member

832-518-7307 - Sean@everestmotorsinc.com

Arman Abrarpour - Stroe Manager

281-961-6857 - Arman@everestmotorsinc.com


I have been in the industry since 2004. I firmly believe every transaction has to benefit both buyer and seller. My goal is to make the car deal smooth, straight forward and hassle free. Expect a great deal and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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